Construction Of Modern Buildings

Buildings In Harmony With Nature

Construction physics is a very young science. She studies all the influences of the external environment on the building and, based on that, determines what material the building will be made of. You can learn a lot more about this at Building engineering physics – bygningsfysisk

Construction physics selects the material from which the building will be made based on how it gains and loses heat, as well as what kind of light is needed, natural or artificial. In this way, efficient buildings that are easy to maintain are designed. They are very functional, and their construction minimally affects the destruction of the natural environment.

In construction physics, calculations are made for everything that is installed in the building, such as windows and doors. A window that is too small must not be placed, so that the room is not dark, and if it is placed too large, there will be too much energy consumption to cool or heat the room.


Construction physics studies the many aspects involved in the construction of a building. First and foremost are the thermal performance, which means how the heat is retained, then the acoustics, it is very important to sound insulation from outside noise and that nothing can be heard between the apartments. The next aspect is air movement, which means that you need to determine what the air supply is, what the air outlet is and many other things. The climate of a certain place has a great influence on the construction of buildings. Lighting in apartments is very important because it greatly affects the pleasant atmosphere in the apartments and the building itself. Therefore, when the building is designed, adequate lighting must be installed to achieve visual comfort. Another very important aspect is humidity control. There are many more aspects studied by construction physics.

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