In order to play with The Gamebook Engine, you will need the engine itself, and a gamebook. If you would like to use The Gamebook Engine to write your own story, you will need the engine, and to learn the Hyena gamebook format. See the README file that comes with the engine for more information.

Download the latest Beta version:

Downoad the latest Stable version:

More Downloads

Download Flight From The Dark gamebook.

Download latest win32 dependencies. This version will link all current and past versions of TGE for Windows.

Download sha1 checksums. This file is on this server, separate from the downloadable tarballs.

You can get the latest source from svn, if you prefer the bleeding edge, or if you are interested in helping me develop TGE. If you are using a command line svn client, this command should download the latest source:
svn co gamebook-engine
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