The Gamebook Engine is the first free, cross-platform engine for writing gamebooks, such as the “Choose Your Own Adventure” series, or the “Lone Wolf” series. TGE can interpret scripts that use the Hyena gamebook format.

The Gamebook Engine is free and open source; it is published under the GNU GPLv2 or later. It is written in C++ and uses Qt 4 and Lua 5.1.


* downloadable
* free, open source, multi-platform
* uses a simple, easy to understand text format (Hyena Gamebook)
* scripting with lua
* displays images
* audio-enabled (provided in Beta)
* enables players to save and load games

Planned Features:

* web-based interpreter, so writers can set up servers, and players can play over the internet
* multiple GUI interfaces (currently, TGE only supports Qt. I’m considering implementing native win32, maybe others)
* enable writers to create a map (will use a second file with an .opt.xml extension)
* enable writers to create a status/inventory screen (will use the same second file with an .opt.xml extension)