The Gamebook Engine 0.2.0 Beta 3 Released

Brief summary of changes:

  • Added Status/Inventory for Javascript gamebook files. Gamebook writers write an html file that tells TGE how to display the status/inventory window.
  • Saving the game now works for Javascript gamebooks.
  • Makefile will now halt if necessary development libraries are not installed. Audio can be disabled at compile time, and you will no longer require ffmppeg, openal, and alut.
  • Added gamebook2html conversion utility, and supporting html/css/js files. You can now convert gamebooks into html/js, and put them on the web. The TGE engine is no longer required to play gamebooks.

TGE now requires Qt 4.4. I had to up the version again because 4.4 is the first Qt version that includes QtWebKit. TGE uses QtWebKit to display the status/inventory html file.

This Beta version has a few incomplete features. For example, TGE has some added but unused menu items, and the html version does not allow you to use items. Ring of Thieves JS Edition will allow you to use Healing potions, but not elixirs. There are some inconsistencies between what is possible with Lua gamebooks and JS gamebooks; modules can only be used in JS, for example. I will be hammering these out before 0.2.0 Final.

Ring of Thieves is on the web. Please note that it requires javascript, frames, and if you want to save your game and come back later, cookies. I have tested it in Firefox 2, Firefox 3, and Internet Explorer 6. If you have problems with other browsers, let me know.

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