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I installed Wordpress & Sneak peek of features for new version

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

I have installed Wordpress to replace the static HTML I was using for The Gamebook Engine’s news, about, and download pages. Now you can comment on The Gamebook Engine, and specific releases. I am also planning to install a wiki, and make public the phpBB forums that I installed recently.

This is all in preparation for the next release, 0.2.0, which may be a while. The next release will have the following features:
* sound. The Gamebook Engine will read the story to you, if audio files are provided with the gamebook. (0.2.0 Beta already has this)
* javascript support. Any gamebooks that use javascript instead of lua can automatically be converted to HTML.
* a conversion utility to convert gamebooks into HTML. Your readers can read gamebooks in their browser, without having The Gamebook Engine installed. I will be putting Lone Wolf and Ring of Thieves on the web, so anybody can play them without downloading The Gamebook Engine.
* status/inventory window – current gamebooks use a callback function, openGameMenu(). Using a dedicated inventory window instead should be easier on both players and writers.

Also in the works, but will not be available in next version:
* optional map, that allows writers to show players exactly where they are in the game world.
* GUI to help writers to write gamebooks. Will help to connect pages visually, and show dead pages.

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